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October 09 2017


cute date idea: we go to a museum and admire all the beautiful art work. afterwards, we sit in coffee shop, catch up on what’s been going on in our lives and have a good laugh

Hi my name is Hayley nd why did this crush come back, and why did it come back SO HARD and help why this is problematic


let me hug you let me hug you you deserve hugs many hugs a ton of hugs i really want to give you a hug


cute date idea: we go thrift shopping and pick out clothes for each other. we spend the day either A) trying on fly ass clothes and taking cute pictures or B) trying on some ugly ass clothing and laughing about it


I just need to be in a meadow right now; on a warm day, with you, the smell of grass and flowers around us


you’ve made me a lovesick fool


cute date idea: we cuddle on my couch while watching our favorite shows

9511 b071

cute date idea


we spend the day museum hopping and holding hands. we try new food and you take pictures of me laughing because there’s no place else i’d rather be.


cute date idea: wandering the streets of downtown long after the stores have all closed, hand in hand, among the glow of street lights and the calm of night.


i wanna be with you already


I hope I see you in my dreams tonight


I want cuddling until we both fall asleep

I want sleepy kisses goodnight

I want late night walks

I want watching the sunrise together

I want cuddling with my dog in between us

I want holding your hand at random times because I want to show affection in some way

I want you.


cute date Idea: we finally go visit your hometown. you show me all of your favorite places to eat and to see. i try to imagine you here, when you were younger. we visit your parents, and they love me. you think it’s cute. at night, we curl up, and i know that home is wherever you are.

i’ve fallen for you so badly that i’m already protective over you when you’re not even mine.
— him. (via woahjawlines)


cute date idea: the two of us in your car together, driving with no destination in mind


Whatever you do, don’t imagine your crush in the morning. Don’t imagine the soft rise and fall of their chest outlined by the slats of light coming through your blinds. Don’t imagine them rolling over among rumpled sheets, hair ruffled, to reach out and pull you closer. Don’t imagine how cute they would be toeing the line between dreams and reality, unguarded, unaware.


How wondrous it would be to feel your lips on mine


I want to sit around just wasting time with you


cute date idea: you actually ask me on a date

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