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August 06 2017

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i’m really happy with how griffin and justin mcelroy are handling the nick robinson ordeal

normally in situations like this male friends/coworkers/etc. get weirdly defensive of the accused like “no he’s a good guy i know him he would never do that” or “well he didn’t hurt me so…” but they’re not, they’re understanding the necessity of siding with the victims first and the precedence behind it and it’s honestly so fucking refreshing 

Looks like "Soft Boy (TM)" is the new "Nice Guy (TM)"


And this right here is why I don’t get offended when women say they don’t trust men. This dude cultivated a personality that specifically allowed him to prey on women while keeping them silent for fear of how it would be received by others.

If a woman doesn’t trust me because I’m a man, I need to recognize that either a) it’s because of dudes like this who gain women’s trust only to betray it or b) I am specifically doing something that makes her feel I’m untrustworthy and I need to take a long look at myself

So before you “not all men” some women, please pull your head out of your ass and open your eyes.

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hey nick robinson go fuck yourself for making a career out of making an inclusive gaming community for queer people and women and then using it to be a creepy piece of shit to women.

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big mood


remember in School of Rock where the black girl was afraid to say she wanted to be a singer because she was fat and didn’t want to get laughed at but Dewey was all “who gives a shit, I’m fat too and so is aretha franklin but we’re still valuable and we rock” and then the girl felt better without having to be told that beauty comes in all sizes or some other bullshit. thats the kind of body positivity I’m looking for. tell these babies that they’re worth a damn without tying it to any other arbitrary ideals

August 04 2017

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You would not believe your eyes


If you saw me socialize

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Buddy and Darling are killing me. I cannot deal. Send help.

Image © Brennan “Bonez” Strong 2017 | @lovelybonezproductions

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Todd Howard



A man draws a gun in a dark alley and asks for your wallet. You begrudgingly obey. He throws it on the ground, shoots it till it screeches, and turns to you; “you’re safe now”.

“ Mimics right? ”

“ I know right? ” he scoffs

He laughs

I laugh

We both laugh

The gun laughs.

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Mai name iz Sir Meatloaf, n i liek to blep :3

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Gray Bright Turquoise (#808080 to #0ef1e6)

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